That’s right folks, nobody won the last US Powerball and so it jackpots once again. I was sure someone would have won it but it looks like it’s winless which means we all have another go at winning the big one. Only this time its worth $194 million! I know I’m not going to miss out on getting my ticket. That’s why I bought mine the other day. I bought it online too, from

I prefer to get my lottery tickets online because I don’t have to worry about the crowds and I never have to worry about losing my tickets. Speaking of lottery tickets, I’ve taken a screenshot of my lottery numbers from the email I received after buying my tickets. Before I show you that though lets look at the winning numbers and dividends for the previous Powerball draw.

11, 23, 28, 32, 47, 20

powerball results and dividends


OK, now for what I hope to be the winning Powerball ticket!  :tongue:

my powerball ticket

Yeah, I’m not at all worried if you copy some of my numbers from my PowerBall tickets. Heck, when you consider the prize is worth $194 million I reckon we can share a bit of that around.  :thumb_up:

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