I used to look at people with their Smartphones and I used to think they were all just a bunch of dorks. Now that I have a Smartphone I can see why they’re so loved. One of the many reasons people love their Smartphones is because of all the apps that are available for them. Apps that make life for the Smartphone owners so much easier. I wrote about the Best Sports Betting Apps for punters on my Easy eSports Betting site.

While writing that post I was wondering if any of the online lottery sites I’m a member of were smart enough to have a lottery app to make life easier for us lottery lovers.

Lottery App For theLotter.com Members

I found awhile ago that theLotter.com had just released a lottery app but it’s taken me awhile to bring it to your attention. Sorry guys, but I just had a lot on my plate of late. Because I didn’t bother to get me that Lottery app, which is totally free, I could have won a free trip to Rome flying business class and last month’s raffle prize was an Apple Watch.

But this post isn’t about all the great prizes theLotter.com members can win. It’s about their new lottery app. best lottery app

So what does theatre.com’s new lottery app do.

  • Check Lottery Results: Yep, their lottery app lets you check the lottery results for the world’s largest lotteries. You can check past lottery draws and more importantly find out if you’ve won. I’m pretty sure the app will notify you of any winning ticket as it sends out ‘push notification.’
  • Follow Online Lotteries: The app will give you free lottery result alerts, jackpot alerts and global lottery news.
  • The ability to buy lottery tickets online for over 45 lotteries. Lottery draws including Europe’s EuroMillions, USA’s PowerBall, USA’s Mega Millions, Spain’s La Primitive, Italy’s Superenalotto, UK’s National Lottery, Australia’s OZ Lotto and many other counties lotteries.

I’ve installed the lottery app and I have to admit it’s pretty good. You can scroll down to find the lottery you’re interested in or you can simply do a search for it. I like scrolling down because doing that lets you see the value of the individual lottery draw.

Once you’ve selected the lottery you want you simply click on the ‘Buy A Ticket” icon. From there you can increase your chances of winning by selecting the syndicate option. If you want to go solo you can either hit the Quick Pick option or you can enter your favourite numbers individually. Once you’ve filled one game it automatically goes to the second game.

Once all your games are filled it takes you securely to their mobile friendly site so that you can complete your transaction.

Yep, you have to love your Smartphone apps, even the lottery apps.

It’s been awhile since I’ve bought a lottery ticket and today I got the sudden urge to rectify that. I’m not one to just buy any lottery ticket either. Because of my membership with some of the best online lottery sites I checked out some of the worlds biggest lottery draws to see which one offered the biggest jackpot.

Top Ten Worlds Biggest Lottery Draws

  1. US – Mega Millions $85 Millionbiggest lottery thelotter
  2. Europe – Euro Jackpot £75 Million
  3. US – PowerBall $50 million
  4. California – SuperLotto Plus $28 Million
  5. Germany – Lotto £24 Million
  6. Europe – EuroMillions £15 Million
  7. France – EuroMillions £15 Million
  8. Italy – SuperEnalotto £8.7 Million
  9. Spain – El Gordo £6.8 Million
  10. Australia PowerBall AU$6 Million

Those are the top 10 biggest lottery draws that have more than a day before the draw date. That gives you plenty of time to get your ticket online. The question now is which online lottery agent do I use to purchase my hopefully winning lottery ticket.

  • theLotter.com offers the largest range of world’s lottery draws so I know it doesn’t matter which worlds biggest lottery agentone I want to buy they have me covered. TheLotter is also running another raffle. All you do is play your favourite lotteries between April 20th and April 30th with multi-draw packages, and be automatically entered in the raffle. As you can see from the image above the first prize is a brand new Apple Watch! The good thing is the more you buy, the better odds you have of winning because every purchase is another entry. Sounds like a great deal to me.
  • Except for the French and German lottos LottoBroker offers all of the above worlds lotteries. I’ve found that generally they offer their lottery tickets at a lower price. That is except for the Aussie lotteries because when it comes to buying any of the Australian lotteries no-one can beat OZLotteries. They also have a special offer for their loyal members. They’re willing to double any deposit up to £3000. So if deposit £1,500 they match the bet giving you £3000 to play with.
  • Wintrillions will allow you to play US Mega Millions, Euro jackpot, USA PowerBall, California SuperLotto and the German Lotto. They were offering a 50% jackpot but I think that offer has expired. Bummer that!
  • GiantLottos is another great online lottery agent who offers 7 of the above biggest lottery draws. The best thing is, as long as you’re a member, you can buy a lottery ticket without leaving this site.

Me, I reckon I’ll use Lottobroker for my chance at one of the world’s biggest lottery. Yep, I’m going to have a shot at the USA Mega Millions. As you can see from my ticket I played 4 games for only $13.52!

Have you got your tickets yet?