Becoming An Instant Millionaire

I’m not getting any younger you know and I’m still a  long way from becoming an instant millionaire. 2014 is almostI know that there’s only a couple of days left and I still have a chance at becoming an instant millionaire. I know my only chance is by taking part in one of the world’s million dollar lotteries. I’ve had a look at some of the one’s on offer by my favourite online lottery agents and I’m writing about them now so you can see what they are.

Becoming An Instant Millionaire

The  image below shows Lottobroker‘s top three lotteries that could put me on my way to becoming an instant millionaire. The obvious winner in the million dollar lotteries stakes has to be the USA Mega Millions at a whopping $172 million! Then we have the USA Powerball at $120 million and finally the Israel Double Lotto which is worth US$7,672,245.

becoming an instant millionaire


I thought for sure I could do better than the Israel lottery so I checked out theLotter. Even though theLotter is a little more expensive I’ve found they offer a lot more lotteries for their members.


,illion dollar lotteries

The Mega Sena Da Virada is the Brazilian Lottery which is worth US$88,790,359 which is a lot better than Israel’s lottery. So is Australia’s Saturday Lottery which is a little over US$24 million. Spain’s La Primitiva is pretty good too at a little over US$24 million, a couple of hundred thousand less than the Aussie lotto.

Wintrillions is offering a discount on the US Megamillions. For a limited time they’re offering 15% discount on 25 tickets, 20% on 50 tickets and a 25% discount on 100 tickets.

TheLotter is offering a subscription deal on the four biggest lotteries – Mega Millions ($172 million), US Powerball ($120 million), Australia Saturday Lotto (AUD $30 million), or La Primitiva (€19.8 million) where you get every 7th ticket FREE!

Of course there is only one way that you can become 2015’s latest millionaire and that is by getting your ticket before 2014 ends. There’s still a couple of days left. Heck you may want to take part in more than one of the world’s million dollar lotteries to increase your chances.  :2tup:

Special Black Friday Lottery

A Special Black Friday Lottery Deal

Special Black Friday Lottery


Even though the rest of the world may not be familiar with Black Friday, those who live in the States know that Black Friday means one thing. You can save big bucks! Usually this only applies to brick and mortar outlets. This Black Friday has some very special Black Friday Lottery deals. But what is Black Friday?

In the US Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and it kicks off the Christmas shopping season with absolutely CRAZY sales! Retail stores offer massive discounts and rock-bottom prices for one day only. That’s why shoppers go crazy! Because if they don’t get it within those 24 hours they miss out. is honouring this tradition by offering some incredible deals to all lottery players. For one day only they’re offering existing and new customers one of the following deals!

NEW PLAYERS — Buy one ticket to ANY lottery on the site, and get TWO FREE!
EXISITNG PLAYERS — 30% CashBack on all lottery tickets purchased during Black Friday
This offer is valid Friday, November 28, 2014 from 00:00 GMT until 23:59 GMT

Remember, the deal that you will get for this super special Black Friday lottery deal only lasts for 24 hours! Something else to keep in mind is that as a member you can now buy lottery tickets from anywhere in the world!

Who knows? Maybe your current lotteries just haven’t been lucky for you. Maybe exposing yourself to some of the major lotteries around the globe will finally bring the luck that you deserve! Can you imagine finally winning the big one. Heck, you could fly over to the country that sold you that lottery ticket and buy yourself a holiday villa. Somewhere to go when those cold winter months at home are getting you down.

There’s something else that is very different from this special Black Friday Lottery deal! You don’t have to line up to get that luck ticket. None of the usual pushing and shoving that is associated with Black Friday sales!

black Friday lottery deals

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