Win USA Powerball All $150 Million Of It

Last week I wrote about Why People Buy Lottery Tickets. This week I’m giving you a very good reason why you should be buying a lottery ticket this week. Actually I can give you a hundred and fifty million reasons. That’s exactly what this weeks USA Powerball is worth. And, to win USA Powerball you need to get a ticket!

From the time I hit the publish button on this post you will still have two and a half days to get your hands on what possibly could be a winning ticket. You don’t think so? Shit, man, that’s the wrong attitude. It’s that sort of attitude that will stop you from winning not just the USA Powerball, but any lottery. Don’t listen to all the negative people out there who’ve never bought a ticket and will never win a lottery. If you want to win USA Powerball you need to get a lottery ticket.

Win USA Powerball By Buying Your Ticket Online


win USA powerball


I know being able to buy your ticket online and not having to line up with everyone one else may tempt you to leave it to the last moment. But doing so may have dire consequences. Something may come up causing you to forget. Or everybody else will have the same idea causing the server to overload making the site offline. Actually, this is exactly why I have joined more than one online lottery site. If one goes down, for whatever reason, I can get my ticket from one of the other ones.

I’ve already got a Syndicate ticket from Wintrillions so I need to choose between my other three favourite online lottery sites. Either Lottobroker, or

Of course, you may want to have a shot at one of the other world wide lotteries. Like the EuroMillions which is worth 57 million euros. Or, maybe the Italian SuperEnaLotto, currently worth 15 million euro. You can even try Lottobroker’s JackPot hunter which is worth $297 million. That’s the beauty of buying your lottery tickets online, you can win almost anything, anywhere in the world, including a win USA Powerball

Why Do People Buy Lotteries

Have you ever asked yourself, why do people buy lotteries. Not why do people buy lotteries online, because we all know that’s to do with convenience. Not to mention the security of not losing their tickets or having to line up for yonks when those lottery jackpots go wild. Nope, we’re specifically wondering why people buy lottery tickets at all.

Think about it. How many times have you been told that you were crazy to waste your money buying lottery tickets? Or that you would never, ever win the lottery. Well, duh!  :roll_eyes: The truth is they’re the ones that will never win the lottery, because they don’t buy tickets.

Buying a lottery ticket means that we’re in the lottery draw, whatever that draw is. It could be this Thursdays $40 million Aussie PowerBall or the $46 million California SuperLotto. By buying a ticket we are in the draw and we have has much chance as anyone as far as winning the big one goes.

Do you think that any of those multi millionaires who have won the lottery thought that they would? Of course not. Most of them have probably been buying lottery tickets for years. Then one day their perseverance paid off and they finally won the jackpot.

why do people buy lotteries

Let’s face it. We live in hope. The hope that one day we will finally buy the winning lottery ticket. The ticket that will change our lives. The ticket that will finally give us the chance to tell out boss where to shove his job. Or in the case that we love our job, the ticket that will enable us to do all the things that we have always dreamt of doing.

Speaking of, what would you do if you won the lottery? Would you by outrageously expensive gifts, like this bottle of perfume that is worth over $400,000! Me, I’d invest my money in real estate. I’d get a nice house on the Riviera. Another nice one overlooking my favourite seaside town Victor Harbor. Heck, I might even get one in Hawaii. Not only that I’d have an exotic car in each one   :)


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