Worlds Biggest Lottery Jackpots

The best thing about getting your lottery tickets online, apart from being able to do it without leaving the comfort of your home, is that doing so gives you access to the world’s biggest lottery jackpots. Gone are the days when you have to wait weeks or even months for your local lottery to hit a level where you don’t mind investing some cash to become an instant millionaire.

So, what are this weeks biggest lottery jackpots?

Biggest Lottery Jackpot #1 US PowerBall

This weeks US PowerBall lottery jackpot is worth $221 million! Now, that’s a lottery jackpot that is well worth winning. Naturally the only way you’re going to get your hands on this baby is to buy a ticket, or maybe even two if it’s within your budget.  :smile:

Biggest Lottery Jackpot #2 EuroMillions

The EuroMillions Jackpot closes in just over a day so you have to be quick if you want to get in on this one. It’s currently worth a cool 105 million Euros so it’s nothing to sneeze at.

Biggest Lottery Jackpot #3 New Zealand PowerBall

Biggest Lottery Jackpots

I just thought I would throw this one in because it’s the first ever time I’ve featured the New Zealand PowerBall lottery! Just goes to show how you truly have access to just about every lottery in the world. The New Zealand PowerBall is worth NZD$ 26 million. That’s almost US$ 22 million which is still pretty good. Again, you have to be quick because it closes in just under 44 hours. Who knows, this could be your lucky lottery.

So, which online lottery agency should you use?

  • if you want access to not only these but over 45 other lotteries as well.
  • PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM for the best prices but unfortunately they don’t offer the New Zealand PowerBall

So, you buy a ticket or two or three and you finally manage to win the millions that you know you deserve. Just how are you planning to spend it? Me, I’ll pay off all my debts. I’ll buy a Ferrari and hire a hot blonde to drape her over it so I can take heaps of photos. Then I’d take the family on a world cruise. Probably by a couple of nice houses, one here and one overseas. Then I’d invest the rest so I don’t have to worry about money for the rest of my life.


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  1. Hey Christopher, I bought a ticket and I missed out. But the good thing is so did everybody else which means it’s gone up even more. My next post gives the results and reveals the new jackpot.

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