Is WinTrillions A Scam

When people look for places to buy their lottery tickets online they look for online lottery sites that they can trust. One of the main factors that makes any online site trustworthy is usually age. Google itself factors age as one of its many algorithms when working out the Page Rank of any given site. The reason why age is such an important factor is because over time untrustworthy sites become known for what they are and in time, die off. The fact that WinTrillions has been around since 2005 is a major draw point for prospective online lottery buyers.

Another way to check a sites trustworthiness would be to see if they have an active FaceBook page and how many likes it has received. Wintrillions started their FanPage in April of 2013 and have to date received 1626 likes. They also have over 1200 followers on Twitter, One wouldn’t expect anyone following them if they were a scam site.

You could also search the web for any posts on Wintrillions being a scam site, I know I did before deciding to represent them on this site. After many searches I couldn’t find anything that would steer me away from joining. Sure there were some negative comments but these were from people warning others from joining any online lottery site and not from anyone who had first hand knowledge,

I also checked to see if there have been any advertised winners who have use the respective online lottery site. Wintrillions has WinTrillions Review Katie Hitchcox Wintrillions winnerseveral posted on their site. That alone isn’t really enough because anyone can post a random picture online saying they’re a winner when it reality it’s an actual fabrication. So I went through the winners until I found one which was backed up by a totally non related site.

I managed to find several on a Mrs Katie Hitchcox who won $250,000 using WinTrillions. Although the sites themselves were unrelated they were all quoting a news article sourced from Wintrillions. Red Orbit was one of several such sites. Here is a snippet of what Katie had to say about WinTrillions.

““I’ve always loved the lotteries in the USA; they were one of the things I really missed when I moved over here,” said Katie, who is originally from New York State. “I couldn’t get my friends and relatives to keep buying me lotto tickets every time there was a high jackpot, so I was over the moon when I heard about WinTrillions’ service.”

Like Katie and countless others I also wanted to be able to purchase lottery tickets online. The fact that I would now have access to over 40 legitimate, government licensed lotteries from all over the world was a bonus.

WinTrillions Review

I’ve been a WinTrillions member since November 2012. The best thing about WinTrillions is the ease of use. You simply choose your lottery of choice, pick your numbers, or use the quick pick feature, and then pay for your ticket. Wintrillions Review Mega Millions Lottery ticketThey will then purchase your ticket for you and email you a copy of it. You can see my latest ticket in the US MegaMillions over there on the left. Something else that lends credence to the legitimacy of the site.

They say that fate has a lot to do with winning the lottery. That being the case you really only need one ticket to win. With WinTrillions I’ve purchased one ticket for 10 draws for about $37. As you can see from the image below I didn’t win this time around but that’s ok because there’s always next time.

Of course there are those that don’t believe in fate and would prefer to increase the probability of winning  buy increasing the number of tickets. Unfortunately for most the cost factor of buying multiple tickets is beyond their budget. That’s why WinTrillions offers them the chance to purchase tickets in a syndicate. I also avail myself of this feature. I hope one day to win my fair share of the EuroMillions.

While I’ve had several wins with my syndicate tickets they have been rather small. This is one of the drawbacks of being in a syndicate. My share of the EUR 24 in my last winning ticket was EUR 0.11 which is about .46% of the total winnings. Looks pretty dismal right? But, If I was to win the big one, say this weeks EUR 129 million, my share would be about EUR 593,000! I don’t know about you but I would be quite happy with that.

megamillions lottery results WinTrillions Review

WinTrillions Review Special Features

Apart from exposing members to a lot of the world’s major lotteries, WinTrillions members are also able to partake in some of the worlds major raffles. As well as special lotteries like the Spanish El Gordo.

Millionaire raffles

WinTrillions Review VIP Loyalty Points

Finally, every time you purchase a ticket from WinTrillions you earn some VIP Loyalty points. You can use these points to buy future tickets.

Are There Any Negatives To Joining Wintrllions?

There is only one thing that I don’t really like about Wintrllions and that is that you can’t just buy one ticket. You have to subscribe to multiple draws. This means they will keep deducting money from your credit card until you cancel your subscription. You can only do this by sending them an email as I haven’t been able to find any unsubscribe link on their site!

All in all I am quite happy with WinTrillions and am quite happy to refer them to others.