Why People Buy Lottery Tickets Online

Have you ever wondered why people buy lottery tickets online? Friends and acquaintances have asked me this on more than one occasion.Truth be told there are a lot of reasons why people buy lottery tickets online and they include the following.

  • No more waiting in a queue for a ticket.
  • No more having to put up with obnoxious tellers.
  • No more missing out because you forgot to buy your lottery ticket on the way home from work and you couldn’t be stuffed going out again. Now it’s as simple as going online and buying a ticket
  • Security! Oz Lotteries operates under strict government supervision and is an accredited sales agent of the following Australia lottery operators: – NSW Lotteries – Tattersalls Oz Lotteries is owned by leading Australian technology company Manaccom Corporation Limited (ASX: MNL) and as a subsidiary of a publicly listed company is regularly audited.
  • You never have to worry about losing or misplacing your ticket as it’s kept online. How many times have you heard of people who’ve won the lottery but have yet to pick up their winnings because they’ve lost their tickets? This wouldn’t have happened if they had bought them online.
  • Emails sent out telling you of your results. You can also go-online to view your ticket and when you do you will notice that all the winning numbers are highlighted making it extremely easy to verify the results. This is an added bonus because I’ve heard of people who accidentally threw away winning tickets because they didn’t check them properly.

All this aside, do you want to know the most important reason Why People Buy Lottery Tickets Online? Of course you do.

The Real Reason Why People Buy Lottery Tickets Online

So they’re not limited to their local lotteries. Going online means they now have access to all the major lotteries of the world. Like the guy I wrote about in the post Win The Lottery Online who always dreamed about winning the US Powerball and actually did win a million dollars!

Or perhaps they’re living or holidaying in another country when a major draw is happening at home and they don’t want to miss out. Like Katie Hitchcox a UK-based American who loves playing her homeland lotteries using Wintrillions. If she didn’t get her ticket online she would have missed out on winning $250,000 in the USA Mega Millions.

Why People Buy Lottery Tickets Online

So, perhaps the real reason why people buy lottery tickets online is so they have access to some of the worlds biggest lotteries, like this weeks USA PowerBall which is currently worth over $245 million! So, where can you get your lottery tickets online. I recommend and use all of the following.

They’re all free to join and each offer some unique feature that their members love. I personally recommend joining more than one. One reason is so I don’t miss out on any special that one site is offering that another is not. Another reason is in case one site is down for whatever reason I can still log onto another one so I don’t miss out on getting my, hopefully, lucky ticket.

Have you got your ticket yet?

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