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How To Get Online Lottery Tickets

I have to admit I am an avid lottery player. I love having a shot at winning the big bucks. I haven’t had much luck lately but that doesn’t stop me from trying. After all, you have to be in it to win it right? Of course you do. I especially love it when any particular lottery jackpots, except for one particular thing. Every time a lottery rolls over and the jackpot increases to a nice tidy sum getting a ticket from your local agent is usually a nightmare! Every Tom Dick And Harry seems to want to get into the act and have a shot at winning the big one. I hate those long lines, the snarly lottery ticket sellers and the impatient people who try to push in. If I was to get online lottery tickets this problem would be resolved. Was it even possible I asked myself?

Yes, it was! That’s why I was so thrilled when I discovered that I could get online lottery tickets from the comfort of my home rather than fight all those jostling crowds. As an Ozzie I did this via the Oz Lotteries site, which unfortunately for some legal reasons is unavailable to people living in Queensland. If that means you, don’t worry because I will be listing some other sites that will enable you to get you Aussie Lottery tickets online.

As happy as I was to get my Australian lottery tickets online I felt like I was missing out every time the news featured some major lottery jackpot happening somewhere else in the world. Like the US PowerBall which recently hit over $600 million. That’s $6,000,000! Thats unheard of down this neck of the woods. Or the EuroMillions which as I’m writing this is worth €185,000,000! Heck, there are so many major lotteries happening in the world that I was missing out on. It just didn’t seem fair.

But then I thought to myself, if I could get Aussie lottery tickets why shouldn’t I be able to buy a ticket from some of the other major world lotteries. And if I could do it then I’m sure others like me would love to have access to some of the biggest international lotteries. So, I did all the leg work, tested some of the sites available and discarding those that did not come up to scratch. The others I’ve put together on this site so that others like myself could get online lottery tickets to any of the worlds major lotteries.

  • I’m so happy to have found this one as it is indeed one of the best online lottery sites that I have get online lottery ticketsseen, offering it’s customers the chance to buy lottery tickets for the best lottery outlets from around the globe.
  • PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM: I love these guys, because they give a bonus to new members.
  • This is one of my favourites because I get to use PayPal to get online lottery tickets. I’ll show you how you can pay for your lottery tickets online using PayPal in another post. Edit: Unfortunately, that option no longer exists.
  • Wintrillions: I use this one because it allows be to join a syndicate online which increases my chance of winning.
  • Just added this to my list of online lottery agents and I must say it looks very promising. Will be joining it soon so be ready for a complete review.
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