Online Lotto Corporations Scam

There are a lot of scams going around these days, including lottery scams. I got one today! This one was from the Online Lotto Corporations group of miscreants! According to the lowlifes at Online Lotto Corporations, who just happened to pull my email address out of a “data base of internet E-mail users”, I’ve won One Million Euro! Sounds like a pretty good deal except that it’s nothing but total crap.  :no_way:

Even though the link in the email seems to link to a legitimate site, it’s a ruse they use in the hope that it would trick the recipient into believing they’ve actually one an online lottery. Even so it makes me wonder why they’ve used a non-English site? Perhaps it’s so people don’t try to contact them to ask about their winning winning ticket.

So, why do these people sent out these emails if the person hasn’t actually won anything? This type of email is called a phishing email and their sole intention is to fish for information. This information can lead to identity fraud, using the info for future scams, now that they know your email is a legitimate one, or for followup emails that will try to get money out of you.

Online Lotto Corporations Email

Online Lotto Corporations Scam

Ok, here is the email these wankers sent me.

Online Lotto Corporations.

Belgrave House 76


United Kingdom


Award Winning No: GPAT/880733/006425/GB/2013

File Reference No:  GUK/01193/0684578/007/2013

Your email address has won you 1,000,000.00(One Million Euro) from Online Lotto, all the E-mail addresses were selected from a data base of internet E-mail users, which your E-mail address came out as the winning coupon.

Expiring date 10th of November, 2013. Contact our claims Agent below

with your Winning number.

Online Lotto Agency.

Mr. Williams Van Dijk

Director of winning claim department.


DIRECT PHONE: +31-645205287

DIRECT FAX: +31-847301112

You are advised to contact your Claims Administrator with the following details to avoid unnecessary delay and complications:


(1) Your complete contact address———————

(2) Your Tel/Mobile numbers: —————————-

(3) Your Nationality/Country: —————————

(4) Your Full Name: —————————

(5) Occupation/Company: —————————

(6) Age/Gender: —————————

(7) Have you ever won an online lottery? —————————

(9) Alternative email account if any: —————————

So you are hereby strongly advised once more to keep your winnings strictly confidential until you claim your prize.

Congratulations from the Staffs & Members of the interactive Lotteries Board Commission.

Notice how they’re asking for a lot of personal information! Note also how they use a .aol email address! I would have thought, if it was a legitimate email that it would have used a company email address.

One thing to remember is that if you get any email saying that you’ve won a lottery it’s total crap. Don’t even reply to it because by doing so you’re telling them they have a legitimate email address which will open the flood gates to a whole lot of spam. Just delete the thing or better still send it to your spam folder.

The only way to win the lottery online is to actually buy a ticket online from a trustworthy online agent, like the ones I represent on this site including,,, Oz Lotteries, Wintrillions and

Speaking of online lotteries this post tells you why so many people buy their lottery tickets online, something you may want to do if you want to actually win the lottery. One that would be great to win is the US PowerBall which as I write this is worth $216 million!!! :thumb_up:


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