Mega Millions Lottery Results

Man, oh man! Wasn’t that last Mega Millions lottery jackpot a beauty. It actually reached $636 million dollars!  :dream: How did you go? Did you managed something at least? I did. I’ll tell you about it a little later in the post. But first, lets look at Mega Millions lottery results, including the dividends.

Mega Millions Lottery Results

As you can see from the Mega Millions Lottery results below there were actually two winners, each getting $318 million. That’s pretty cool winnings if you ask me. Notice also how much more those who paid for the Megaplier won. Certainly worth the extra isn’t it?

mega millions lottery results

So, how did I go, especially because I used my Lottery Robots? Well, I didn’t get the big one, but I did manage to win $12.  :wink2: Heck, the way I look at it is that it’s better than nothing right?

I used to purchase my tickets and they sent me an email which included the winning numbers and how my tickets fared with this weeks Mega Millions Lottery results. I’ve posted a screenshot of a portion of the email they sent me below. Man, I just love it the way the highlight the winning numbers on my lottery ticket.

As you can see from that image, if I didn’t pay for the Megaplier I would only have one $3! Naturally, the more numbers I would have gotten right the more I would have won. Not to worry, that’s the beauty about getting your lottery ticket online, or off if you don’t mind all the hassle, there is always next time.

The question now is which of the world’s major lotteries should I invest in?

my mega millions lottery results

If you’re a member then your best bet is Jackpot Hunter which is currently worth $178 million. If you haven’t got your ticket yet there’s always the Spanish Loteria de Navidad which has a prize pool of over $2.2 billion! I wrote about it in my Spanish Lottery post. Perhaps the lovely image below will put you in the mood for getting your Loteria de Navidad ticket :thumb_up:

Loteria de Navidad spanish lottery

Then there’s always the EuroMillions which is worth 63 million Euros. Other than those I reckon the US Powerball which is worth $60 million is nothing to sneeze at. Whichever one you go for I wish you the best of luck.


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