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So, which is the best place to get lottery tickets online? This is a question that I get asked an awful lot. As you know I have joined all the lottery agents that I represent on this site. All of them have something that I like about them. If they didn’t I wouldn’t be representing them. Those that I didn’t like, for whatever reason, I do not promote. So, I could tell you which is my favourite but that may not necessarily be your favourite. The one that I use the most is but that’s basically because it’s the only one that allows me to buy a lottery ticket using PayPal. So, if you’re looking at using PayPal to purchase your lottery ticket online then I recommend Lottobroker. Edit: Just tried to buy a ticket using PayPal only to find the option no longer exists. Damn! Looks like the only guys I can use PayPal with now is Oz Lotteries.

However, I believe that you should join more that just one lottery site. Why? There are many reasons, which I will state below, but basically joining multiple sites will ensure you get the best place to get lottery tickets online.

The Best Place To Get Lottery Tickets Means Joining More Than One Site

The following are my reasons you should join more than one online lottery ensure you have the best place to get lottery tickets.

  • Take advantage of the bonus for joining: All the lottery sites I promote are free to join and most of them offer a best place to get lottery ticketsbonus for joining so why not take advantage of it?
  • Ensuring your ability to buy your ticket online: Have you every turned up to a live lottery agent and left in disgust because the line was just too damn long and you didn’t have the time to line up? I know I have. That is one of the main reasons I turned to the online lottery sites. Unfortunately, when there is a major jackpot draw it’s quite possible that at the particular time you go online to get your lottery ticket their server is down. Shit! Hang on, I can just log on to one other sites and get my lottery ticket from them.
  • Taking advantage of deals: I think this one is very important. The online lottery industry is very competitive and if you only join one you’re going to miss out on some really good deals. It’s like doing your grocery. Things are so tight these days you have to get the best deals whenever possible. This sometimes means shopping in a different store.The same with online lottery sites. They will occasionally offer you something to sweeten the deal just to get your business. This could be a discount, free tickets or even the introductions of a new lottery that may not be on offer on those other sites. Come to think of it, WinTrillions have just sent me an email about Spain’s Super Summer Draw!

Spain’s Super Summer Draw

Apparently Spain’s Super Draw is the lottery event of the summer and have secured an exclusive allocation of tickets. It’s drawn on Saturday the 6th July and so is only days away! Time is running out and so its best to secure your share of their exclusive VIP ticket allocation. With a €140 Million guaranteed prize pot, 1-in-3 chance of winning and 10 jackpot prizes of €2Million it’s not hard to see why Spain goes lotto-crazy for the Super Summer Draw. And this year you can play too thanks to WinTrillions!

You see what I mean? If I hadn’t been a member of I would have missed out on this opportunity! So take Lucky Sam’s advice, he’s the guy in the image above, and join Wintrillions.

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    1. Don’t feel bad Scott, I’m sure you’re not the only one who didn’t know these types of sites existed. That’s why I started this site, so people not only have access to their country’s lotteries but to make the world’s lotteries available to them.

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