When should you buy a lottery ticket? I was thinking about that very question last night when I got nine out of nine right in my Round 20 AFL footy picks!

When You Should Buy A Lottery Ticket The Best Time To Do So

when you should buy a lottery ticket follow lucky streak

It’s my personal opinion that the best time when you should buy a lottery tickets is when for some reason you’ve struck it lucky. This could include any of the following reasons.

  • You get all your footy tips right which results in not one but two multi-bet wins  😎
  • You miraculously get a raise.
  • As a gift, birthday or otherwise, for a friend or loved one. OK, this one doesn’t really follow the being luck rules, but is still a great reason for getting a lottery ticket  :tongue:
  • After receiving any form of great news. Say for example you were stressing over some medical drama and when the results came in everything was clear. I reckon that’s pretty lucky and is a good reason to make an online lottery ticket purchase.
  • You entered a raffle or some other form of completion and you won. A rare occurrence perhaps making it a great reason to get a ticket in the hope your streak of luck continues.
  • You have a close call that could have been life threatening. Perhaps you were involved in an accident that you were lucky to walk away from, or maybe something not so dramatic. Just something where you thanked your lucky stars that you were still breathing.
  • A great win at the casino!

OK! I think you get the idea. When you think about any of the above reason you know that more often than not the reason any of them have come about had all to do with luck. Winning the lottery is all about luck. That being the case, if for some reason Lady Luck has smiled on you then that’s when you should buy a lottery ticket. You should push your lucky streak for as long as it hold out to ensure you get the most out of it.

Another good time to buy a lottery ticket is when the lottery jackpot makes it worthwhile. The image below shows you the biggest current Aussie lottery jackpot.

Other current jackpots can be found below. Just scroll to the left while you hover over the banner to reveal all the lotteries!

I hope your luck continues with your next lottery purchase.

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