I’m sure the one question people ask themselves before joining an online lottery site is… ‘Can you actually win the lottery online?’ Even more important than that is… ‘Is the online lottery site legitimate?’ That last one is certainly a very legitimate and important question. The answer to both is a resounding yes. Yes, you can buy your lottery tickets online and if you’ve chosen the right numbers then you can definitely win the lottery online. As to the legitimacy of lottery sites, I can assure you that as long as you follow any of my recommendations you won’t have a problem. This is because I have personally joined and tested each and every one of them.

You can see this for yourself by visiting any of the lottery sites I represent, It doesn’t matter if its theLotter.com or Lottobroker.com. Most will have some way of showing their visitor how many people did win the lottery online.

Proof You Can Win The Lottery Online

Take the image below for example. It was taken from theLotter and as you can see, theLotter has paid out US$ 25,534,747 to 840,059 winners throughout the world! At the time, someone in Latvia had won € 849 in the Germany Lotto.

Win The Lottery Online

I’ve also won small prizes and had them paid into my account but I know what people really want to know is, has anyone won a major prize in their effort to win the lottery online? I did a fair bit of research on this and managed to come up with a very interesting post. I took a screen capture of that post.

online lotter ticket winner

So, here’s this guy from the UK who was forever dreaming of buying a ticket to the US MegaMillions. He wanted to make this dream a reality so he searched until he found a site which allowed him to buy US lottery tickets online. Lucky he did too because he managed to win a million dollars for his efforts. Perhaps that’s what we have to do to get our share of the lottery bonanza. Perhaps our destiny does not lie with the local lotteries?

I know of people who buy their tickets from so called ‘lucky agents’. These are agents who are said to have sold a lot of winning tickets. Perhaps the reason they’re not winning is because they’re buy tickets in the wrong lottery? What if their destiny was to win the US Powerball or the EuroMillions? Unless they actually buy a ticket in one of these lotteries they will never fulfil their destiny. It’s like I keep saying, You Have To Be In It To Win It!

Where will you get your next online lottery ticket from? Better still, which of the world’s lotteries is going to fulfil your destiny?