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Last week I wrote about Why People Buy Lottery Tickets. This week I’m giving you a very good reason why you should be buying a lottery ticket this week. Actually I can give you a hundred and fifty million reasons. That’s exactly what this weeks USA Powerball is worth. And, to win USA Powerball you need to get a ticket!

From the time I hit the publish button on this post you will still have two and a half days to get your hands on what possibly could be a winning ticket. You don’t think so? Shit, man, that’s the wrong attitude. It’s that sort of attitude that will stop you from winning not just the USA Powerball, but any lottery. Don’t listen to all the negative people out there who’ve never bought a ticket and will never win a lottery. If you want to win USA Powerball you need to get a lottery ticket.

Win USA Powerball By Buying Your Ticket Online


win USA powerball


I know being able to buy your ticket online and not having to line up with everyone one else may tempt you to leave it to the last moment. But doing so may have dire consequences. Something may come up causing you to forget. Or everybody else will have the same idea causing the server to overload making the site offline. Actually, this is exactly why I have joined more than one online lottery site. If one goes down, for whatever reason, I can get my ticket from one of the other ones.

I’ve already got a Syndicate ticket from Wintrillions so I need to choose between my other three favourite online lottery sites. Either Lottobroker, or

Of course, you may want to have a shot at one of the other world wide lotteries. Like the EuroMillions which is worth 57 million euros. Or, maybe the Italian SuperEnaLotto, currently worth 15 million euro. You can even try Lottobroker’s JackPot hunter which is worth $297 million. That’s the beauty of buying your lottery tickets online, you can win almost anything, anywhere in the world, including a win USA Powerball

I reckon almost everybody would love to get their hands on those lucky numbers to win the current USA Powerball. Heck, who wouldn’t when you consider that the USA Powerball has just rolled over yet again! Yep, USA Powerball jackpot is now worth $400 million! That’s right $400 million! Gee, maybe I should have bought a USA Powerball Lottery Robots instead of the USA Megamillions one. Oh well. maybe next time.

How To Pick Your Winning Lucky Numbers

The question now is how am I going to pick my winning numbers for the next USA Powerball. Lately I’ve been using Lottobroker’s easy pick feature but so far I haven’t had much luck with that option.  I suppose I could always use the Talking Lucky Lottery Number Picker that you can see pictured below.

lucky numbers lucky lottery number picker

Who knows, maybe he does have an inkling of what your lucky numbers are. Then again you may want to us a Bio interactive lottery lucky number picker. Here’s is what they say about the Bio-Pick!

A unique, cool gadget that makes a great gift for the Lottery or Keno player in your life, Bio-Pick is easy, personal and fun! Bio-Pick lets you use your biorhythms and natural sense of timing and intuition to pick numbers. Although winning can’t be guaranteed, only Bio-Pick gives you personal numbers (not sentimental numbers like dates, jersey numbers, or phone numbers). So with Bio-Pick, odds are high that you won’t have to share your winnings! Bio-Pick updates for the latest lotteries are always FREE and available online. Although you can do updates yourself at any time, we always load in the latest lottery data before we ship your device to you. There is no extra cost for this service and it will not delay your order, but please note that it will require us to open the packaging (carefully, of course) in order to do the update.

You could also use the popular Android app called Lucky Lottery Generator Pro. This app helps you to pick a strategy to help you pick your lucky numbers for any of the US lotteries including the USA Powerball.

Then again you may want to actually learn how to pick those lucky lottery numbers. If that’s the case then perhaps Richard A Henriksen’s How To Win The Lottery is the way you would prefer to go. Personally, as there are only a couple of days to go, I’m going to give the Lucky Lottery Generator Pro a go.

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