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winning USA Mega MillionsYep, it’s time to get involved in the latest USA Mega Millions Lottery. Winning USA Mega Millions always piques my interest whenever the jackpot goes over $100 million. I would have missed this latest jackpot too if it wasn’t for the great looking, very sexy ad that you see there on the left. Yep, the guys at sent me an email reminding me that I still had a day or so to buy my winning USA Mega Millions lottery ticket. Well, at least I home it’s a winning ticket.

Winning USA Mega Millions I’m In For A Chance

I’m hoping that this time my winning USA Mega Millions ticket will net me more than the $35 I won when I played the US PowerBall. I can tell you though that even that small win felt a lot better than not having any win at all. I always leave the small wins in my lottery account and use it for purchasing tickets in the next major lottery of my choice. One of the reasons I love buying my lottery tickets online is that it allows me access to all the world’s major lotteries. I’m no longer limited to just Australian lotteries. Having said that I still buy Aussie lottery tickets when they jackpot to a reasonable amount. When it does that I always use OZ Lotteries because they offer the best prices. Speaking of OZ Lotteries, Saturdays Lotto of $21 million does look pretty inviting.

I have to admit that Lotteries aren’t the only way I like to make a little money online. I also try my hand at online sports betting. Having that lovely image over on the left there brings to mind the Hot Sport Babes that are featured on the above sports betting site. Sexy Sally Pearson is probably my favourite hot sports babe but that could be because of two reasons. The first being she’s an Aussie and the second being that I placed a bet on her winning gold in the !00 metre hurdle race and she came good and made me a winner.

But what would really make my day is winning USA Mega Millions lottery. I have a good chance too because I have my tickets. Have you got yours because you can’t win it unless you’re in it.


Winning the Powerball? Obviously nobody won last weeks major US Powerball jackpot. You may remember that I wrote about it in my last post, the World’s Biggest Jackpots. The US Powerball was right up there on the top of the list. It was worth $221 million dollars which I found way too hard to pass up. The one thing I know about winning the Powerball, or any other lottery for that mattes is if you want to win it you just have to be in it. I reckon that’s why the old saying, ‘you have to be in it to win it’ all came about.

My Attempt At Winning The Powerball

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know that I’m a member of all the online lottery agents that I represent. There are several reasons for this. One is so I can take advantage any special deals they have to offer. Another is so that I’m not left hanging in case one or the other goes off-line for whatever reason.

For that Particular lottery I chose to go with Unfortunately I didn’t win that lottery. But that’s cool because nobody else did either. That’s why the lottery is now worth $257 million! You can get your ticket by clicking on the banner below. Just so you know the banner shows you the latest jackpot. That’s something to know in case you come upon this post at a later date.

My US Powerball Lottery Results

One of the reason I love getting my lottery tickets online is because of the way they notify me of the lottery results. I took a screenshot of the Powerball lottery results that the guys at sent me.

winning the powerball

The thing I love about it the way they highlight my winning numbers. At least now I don’t have to worry about tossing out a winning ticket.

What I need to decide now is which online lottery agent do I go for this week. Sometimes I wish I had one of those lottery wheels I can spin so that it would choose one of the following.



Maybe I should just use the old Eenie Meenie Miney Moe routine :tongue: