How To Win The Lottery

How To Win The Lottery Reviewed

I think it’s high time that I posted a lottery book review. What better book to choose than How To Win The Lottery. I plan to do a lot of these reviews. Unfortunately I can’t afford to buy all these books so I can review them personally. Also I find it highly unlikely that any of the authors would send me a copy for review. That leaves me only one option. Amazon.

You see, I’ve bought a tool that will let me pull results from Amazon. What I love about Amazon is it allows customer to review any products they’ve purchased. Amazon then prints those reviews, good and bad, on their site. This way future customers can buy Amazon products with complete confidence.

Everybody wants to know how to win the lottery so it’s only natural that the first review should be a book called ‘How To Win The Lottery. 😉

This book is supposed to give secret techniques and tips to help you pick the lottery numbers. Does it actually deliver on it’s promise? The best way to know is to see what actual customers have to say on whether or not “How To Win The Lottery‘ actually delivers on it’s promise Read the rest of this entry