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As we near the end of January 2014 its nice to see the US Powerball jackpot to a cool $171 million! If you looking for the results for the latest Powerball, or some other major lottery, you will usually find them on this sites Lottery Results page. Then again, if you’ve joined one of the online lottery sites that I represent you don’t have to worry about looking for the results because they’re normally emailed to you  :thumb_up:

Another thing you don’t have to worry about, when buying your tickets online, is losing your ticket because you’ll always find a copy online not to mention most sites send you a copy of you numbers via email. Personally I believe the best thing about being able to buy your lottery tickets online is the ability to buy a lottery ticket from any of the world’s major lotteries, including this weeks US Powerball. Did I mention it was worth $171 million  :tongue:

powerball is always a good way to buy your US Powerball ticket online. Naturally you could always use MyLotto or even Then again, if lottery syndicates is more your style then I recommend Wintrillions.

Winning The US Powerball Possible Only By Buying A Ticket

Naturally you will need to do more than just dream about winning the lottery. You want to do more than that bloke in the image about who seems to be merely gazing at the possibility of winning. He’s almost over the bridge but he needs to go all the way by buying a US Powerball ticket so that he has a chance of winning.

As to how you’re going to pay for your lottery tickets online? Unfortunately these days, as far as US lottery tickets are concerned, PayPal is not an option. You can use your credit card, or, if you’re like me and want a more secure option, the  I suggest NETELLER!

How To Buy USA Powerball

Can you imagine how many people are wanting to know how to buy USA Powerball? This is especially true now because the current jackpot is worth a huge US$ 400,000,000! Now, that is what I call a lot of zeros. Did you know that you don’t have to be an American citizen to buy a USA Powerball ticket? Nope, as long as you have Internet access you can buy your USA Powerball ticket online.

The question is exactly what do you have to do to get your USA Powerball ticket online. That’s the question one lucky UK resident asked himself. He was tired of hearing about some of the huge overseas jackpots that people were winning. Rather than sit on his laurels he did something about it. and won a cool million dollars for his troubles. I wrote about it in a post called Win The Lottery Online.

That’s the beauty about being able to play the USA Powerball online. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Aussie, English, French, Italian or whatever, you can get your lottery tickets online. Do you know what’s even better? Not only do you have access to the major American lotteries, including USA Powerball, you have access to just about all of the worlds major lotteries. These include the following;

  • Europe EuroMillions
  • UK EuroMillions
  • Sweden Lotto
  • Russia Goslotto
  • Italy SuperEnalotto

And the list goes on. I don’t know about you but I’m not going to miss out my chance at winning the US$ 400 million jackpot. The question is which online lottery site shall I use?

how to buy usa powerball a great place to get your USA Powerball ticket online

I’m tossing up between and Then there is also Wintrillions, PLAYHUGELOTTOS.COM and I think I will go for Lottobroker this time around. Perhaps they will be my lucky charm and I can get my hands on a portion of that USA Powerball Jackpot.