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Aussie Powerball ResultsIf you read my last post you’d know that I bought a ticket in Thursday’s Aussie Powerball. That’s not at all unusual as I normally buy a lottery ticket when it jackpots to an amount that is worth winning. I’m sure most of you would agree that getting your hands on $70 million is certainly worth winning. What was unusual is that I actually got to share on a tiny portion of that $70 million.

Aussie Powerball Results Thursday 12/11/15

The image you see on the left is a screen capture taken from my iPhone’s OZ Lotteries app. It shows you several things.

The first is the amount I won, a whole $14  :ta_da: The next important part of the image is the actual Aussie Powerball results. The numbers being 3 15 19 26 35 1 and Powerball 18.

The next part of the image shows you my actual Powerball ticket numbers. You’ll notice how the winning numbers of my tickets are all highlighted.

The last part of the image shows the dividends part of the Aussie Powerball results. As you can see I just scraped in getting division 8.

Three Winners Share $70 Million Jackpot

You’ll notice that three very lucky people shared in the $70 million jackpot. Unfortunately South Australia missed out on sharing the $70 million Powerball jackpot. Even so, the division one wins were spread across the country with one winning entry purchased in Queensland, one in New South Wales and one in Western Australia.

We do know that one of the winners purchased their ticket in the Queensland town of Ayr! He/ she bought their Powerball entry from Tosh’s Convenience Store in Chippendale Street. I can only imagine their joy at joining the ranks of multimillionaire lotto winners.

Another multi-millionaire purchase their ticket in Oak Flats in the south-east suburb of New South Wales.As yet there are no details of that winner as they didn’t register their entry. One can only hope that they haven’t lost their ticket or thrown it away by accident. One of the many reasons why I buy my lottery tickets online is so I don’t have to worry about that sort of crap!

Not only can I check the results online, as you can see by the image on the left, I also get an email that informs me how my ticket went.

“Hello Peter,

Here are your results for Powerball Draw 1017:

–> Main numbers: 3 15 19 26 35 1
–> Powerball: 18 >
Ticket E0BD-2DB2-1785-2B49 (9 x Powerball Standard) was a *Winning Ticket!*

Wager #000000000000000004020433592
1 x Division 8 ($14.00) = $14.00

Total Prize: $14.00”

The question now is how long will it take for the Aussie Powerball to jackpot to another Aussie record? When it does you can be assured that I’ll be on my iPhone app buying my next Powerball ticket!

So, how did you go with your Powerball ticket. Did you manage to score a winner?


It’s not often I can say this but this weeks Aussie Powerball is the world’s largest jackpot. Hopefully I’ll win more than my $2 prize in the US Mega Millions that I wrote about in the last post. Too bad I forgot to get a ticket in the last Mega Millions because it had reached a new Jack Pot. Never mind. I reckon it’s about time that I returned to my homeland for my next ticket purchase. So, how much is the Aussie Powerball worth this week? How does $70 sound to you? Pretty good huh? If you’re an Aussie your best place for buying your Powerball ticket online would have to be Oz Lotteries. If you live overseas, or in Queensland, then I recommend either or Never played the Australian Powerball before?  It’s really very easy! The first 6 balls are drawn from the lotto machine with 40 balls numbered 1 to 40. Then 1 Powerball is drawn from the second  lottery machine containing 20 balls numbered 1 to 20.

To win first division you need to match all 6 winning numbers plus the Powerball in a single game. See, there’s nothing to it. You just have to pick the right numbers, that’s all.  :tongue:

Aussie Powerball

Imagine Winning The Aussie Powerball

I don’t know about you but I’m always dreaming about winning a major lottery online. I always buy my tickets online, even when it’s Australian one, because I love the fact that I can do it from home. That I don’t have to join long queues during jackpots and I don’t have to put up with snotty sales clerks. What about a nice set of Ferraris? Perhaps different models and different colours for each day of the week. At least that way you won’t get confused about which one to take out on which day?  :hom: super cars   I’ve just purchased my ticket using PayPal. It only took me minutes too. I played 18 games and it only cost me $18.90. OZ Lotteries even has a special feature that allows me to print my ticket. I don’t bother with that though. I rather have them check it for me online. Don’t forget to get your Aussie Powerball ticket.