Perseverence Is The Key To Winning The Lottery

I know that there are a lot of disgruntled lottery players out there. Perhaps some are so unhappy that they have vowed never to buy a lottery ticket again. This is most unfortunate because they will never know if the next ticket they would have bought could have been their winning lottery ticket. It could well have been the ticket that solved all their financial woes. When you think about it the trick to winning the lottery is not to give up. Check out the following thought for the day

Winning The Lottery Thought of the Day

In the 1980’s, Howard Schultz had a plan to capitalise on the coffee bar trend that was taking Europe by storm and import the idea to America. Needing $1.6M to bring his dream to life, Schultz was rejected by 242 potential investors over a three year period before someone finally gave him a shot. Without this persistence his company, now known as Starbucks (!), would not have been able to rake in the $13.2 billion revenue they managed last year.   

And as anyone who does win will testify, whether that be in business, life, or luck ; perseverance is ALWAYS the key!

When you consider the cost of a lottery ticket, even when you buy it online, a weekly ticket will not set you back that much. People spend more on their coffee, not to mention those addicted to smoking!

If you’re thinking about buying a USA Powerball ticket for the $93 million draw you’ve still got a day or so to get your ticket online and save 50% at You may even want to use, as I do, Lottery Robots to help you pick the winning numbers. I wrote about them in a post called Can Lottery Robots Pick Your Next Winning Numbers.

I know some players who play overseas lotteries saying that when they win the first thing they will do is to visit that country in style. Some of them will probably be playing the Spanish Millionaire Raffle which is drawn this Saturday.

winning the lottery spanish style

It’s like I have always said, you have to be in it to win and the good thing about being able to buy your lottery tickets online is that it opens up the World’s Lotteries To You!


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  1. I could say the same thing Christopher, but I for one am not about to give up. Shit, with my luck the day I forget to get a ticket my numbers would probably come up 😉

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