Life After The Biggest Mega Millions Jackpot

Winning the latest Mega Millions jackpot wasn’t an easy task. That’s apparently why the prize was as big as it was. So, how many winners were there in last weeks Mega Millions? One! Yep, one lucky person won $1.537 billion, $878 million if he/she takes it out in cash. I’m sure the US government would love for them to take their all out in cash. Read all about the win here.

Biggest Mega Millions Makes Way For….

LottoAgent has a special giveaway. If you buy a ticket in any Australian lottery this week, you could win a chance of a 100% refund of the money you spent on it! They will determine the ten winners on Monday.

logo-loteriaThe Nacional lottery is always an exciting lottery to take part in. Now is an excellent time to get a ticket because of the following special.  Play Lotería Nacional. Buy one ticket, get one ticket free! Winning the Loteria Nacional could see you on a trip to your choice of sunny and warm countries?

Better still, if you scoop the Jackpot, you can do a lot better than a vacation. You could buy a house in almost any part of the world. After all, only one single ‘decimo’ (a five-digit number on your ticket) can make you 100,000 EU richer! Shit, you might even be able to live on your very own private island? Or perhaps a skyscraper in the heart of a roaring capital?

There are super chances that your dream will come true: the odds of winning any prize in Loteria Nacional are 1 to 3. A new draw of the Spanish game, devoted to the Spanish national guard, will be held on November 10! Despite the fact that only three weeks remain before the draw, the number of tickets is limited. Many of them have already been sold out! Please don’t lose time!
Good luck!

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