How To Join A Lottery Syndicate Online

Most people who buy lottery tickets would love to increase their chances of winning the lottery. Unfortunately the only way to do that is to buy multiple tickets. The main drawback is obviously the cost factor. That’s why many people decide to go the syndicate route. Before I divulge a brand new site that allows you to join a lottery syndicate online I’d like to mention a few interesting points about lottery syndicates.

Joining Lottery Syndicates

Before starting your own lottery syndicate, or joining one that is being started by a friend or acquaintance, you should keep in mind there are certain inherent dangers in doing so. Some of these are outlined in this very interesting article about the dangers of joining a lottery syndicate.

This is why I’ve tried to find sites that allow me to join a lottery syndicate online. The first site I came across, and currently have a monthly subscription is Wintrillions. I first wrote about them in the post titled Online Powerball Ticket Prices. If you’re interested in how I’m doing with them just leave a comment.

Annexio Ltd Lottery SyndicateThe site I’m referring to is called Big Fat Lottos. Like the other online lottery sites I represent members can purchase lottery tickets to lotteries that are normally unavailable to them. As a Big Fat Lotto member you will have access to the following lotteries.

  • Euroillions
  • UK Lotto
  • Irish Lotto
  • Super Enalotto
  • Spanish Superdraw
  • Jackpot PowerPlay
  • US PowerBall
  • US MegaMillions.

Let’s have a look at their US Megamillions syndicate shall we? I’ve copied the following directly from their site.


With a record jackpot of $363 million big game jackpot in 2000, interest in the multi-state games is at an all time high. Played twice a week, each draw offers players the chance to win a jackpot running to millions of pounds!

To win the jackpot, players must match their selected 5 numbers with the 5 main numbers drawn from a pool of 1 -75 and one number from 1-15 (the Mega Ball Number). Besides the jackpot, there are 8 other prize categories to be won by matching main numbers and the Mega Ball (drawn separately after the 5 main numbers).


  • Playing with Big Fat Lottos is safe, secure and fun.
  • You play with 15 entries into each Mega Millions draw Guaranteed.
  • After the draw your Syndicate Entry is electronically checked against the official results.
  • You receive 1/30 of total WINNINGS GUARANTEED.
  • 100% of YOUR winnings are deposited into your player account straight away – No deductions are made.
  • Big Fat Lottos is Licensed and Regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission with the highest standards of player protection.


Your Syndicate Entry has 15 lines in both Mega Millions Draws (Tuesday and Friday) per week.

Each line shares 5 common main numbers plus one unique number between 1 and 15 (The Mega Ball)

These unique numbers are the 1-15 Mega Ball Numbers that can be drawn, which is guaranteed to give at least one winning entry in every Mega Millions draw.


For example, let’s suppose the 5 main common numbers to your MegaMillions Club are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

If we combine those five numbers with every MegeBall number between 1 and 15, your Syndicate Entry is GUARANTEED at least one cash prize, as there is a guaranteed cash prize category for matching 1 MegaBall number which your Syndicate Entry has in every draw.

To win the Jackpot your Syndicate Entry is only looking for just the 5 main numbers as your MegaBall Number is guaranteed to be matched.

Because your Syndicate Entry shares 5 common main numbers, if at least 3 of your main Syndicate Entry numbers are drawn, all 15 lines will win prizes!


  • Big Fat Lottos takes all the hassle away.
  • We operate your Syndicate Entry and make sure 15 entries are ALWAYS entered for every draw.
  • No deductions are made from your winnings!

You get your own Big Fat Lottos online Member Account, where you can look at:

  • Your winnings
  • Your draw results
  • Your member profile
  • Your payments
  • Your syndicate entry numbers

This link takes you to Big Fat Lottos Megamillions page where you can hover over the potential syndicates that are open to you if you decided to purchase them. This is different from the syndicate offered by Wintrillions where the numbers differ, but were you to pick the right numbers it would definitely offer you more winning numbers.

Naturally, the positive of joining an online lottery syndicate is you don’t have to worry about members ripping you off. This is because it’s all handled by your completely independent online representative.

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