How To Be A Millionaire

Do You Want To Be A Millionaire?

Everyone wants to be a millionaire right? But not everyone gets to be a millionaire. Some get their by sheer hard work. Others are born millionaires and others get there by winning the lottery. For many of us the only chance we have to be a millionaire is by buying a lottery ticket. That’s why I put this site together. To give people the opportunity of becoming a millionaire by buying their lottery tickets online.

From day one I’ve been telling people what a great idea it is to join all the online lottery sites that I’ve recommended on this blog. The main reason for that is so they can take advantage when one of those sites has a special deal for their members. Like the following email I got today from

Be A Millionaire Raffle

be a millionaire
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Dear Peter,

Christmas in July just got a little sweeter as EuroMillions UK announced it will repeat last year’s Olympics-inspired feat of making 100 millionaires in one night! In the UK Millionaire Raffle on Friday, July 26th, one hundred 9-digit alphanumeric codes will be generated at random. If the code on the bottom of your ticket matches one drawn, you are guaranteed to take home a cool ¬£1 million!

As part of Christmas in July, theLotter is offering you 20% cashback on all one-time entries for this special EuroMillions UK draw!

*Offer valid until Friday 26th July at 15:30 GMT

So, even if your ticket doesn’t win the big one you still get 100 more chances at winning¬†¬£100. If you’re already a member you’ve probably already received this email. If you’re not a member now would be a great time to join. It’s free so why wouldn’t you want to join? Not only do you get a over 100 chances of becoming a millionaire, you also get to buy your ticket at a discount. Heck, you might even be able to take advantage of their buy one lottery ticket online and get one ticket free welcome bonus.


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  1. Cool, your first step would be to buy a ticket Kathryn and then hope for the best. If it does’t work the first time you need to try and try again. I don’t know of anyone who has won the lottery the first time they buy a ticket.

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