End Of Year Lottery Could Be Lucky For You

Well, Christmas has gone and the year is nearly over but there is still time to win the end of year lottery. It’s been a pretty good year for a lot of lottery winners out there. A fair few of who have purchased their tickets online. As more and more people buy their lottery tickets online there will be even more online winners.

There are some people who believe that winning the lottery at the end of the year is sort of a good luck charm. Some even believe that winning it at the beginning of the year will bring good tidings for the rest of the year. Really?  :tongue: Personally I believe that it doesn’t matter what time of the year you win the lottery, as long as you do so.

While I’ve won a few smaller prizes this year I sure wouldn’t mind ending the year with a bang. Fortunately there are still a few lotteries out there that are worth a few bucks.They include….

End Of Year Lottery

  • Brazil’s Mega da Virada! The richest lottery in South America holds a special draw on New Year’s Eve with a guaranteed jackpot of at least R$200 Million, which is about $85 Million!
  • UK Euro Millions always a popular lottery which is currently worth 81 Million pounds with just over a day to go.
  • The of course there is the EuroMillions which is worth 97 Million Euros!

Either one of those would set me up for a fair few years to come, that’s for sure. I know that by getting my lottery ticket online will allow me the choice to choose which of the major lotteries I want to buy, no matter where on this beautiful world of ours they’re being drawn. I also know that when I win that lottery I’ll be paying that, and many other countries, a visit.

I’l still be getting a US Mega Million ticket because I’ve got me a Lottery Robots that is sending me my lucky numbers for that lottery. I just have to decide which other lottery I want to buy into.

End Of Year Lottery


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