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With 2020 well on the way I reckon some folks will be wondering where to get your lottery tickets online in 2020. For those of you who have yet to buy a lottery ticket online, perhaps 2020 will be a good time for you to give it a whirl. You will need to know which are the best online lotto sites in 2020. I’ve been promoting online lotto sites for many years, and I’ve seen some of them come and go. But, in all those years, some online lotto sites have prevailed and are going strong.

It’s because of their longevity that I continue to promote these online Lotto sites. So, where to get your lottery tickets online in 2020?

Get Your Lottery Tickets Online In 2020 Best Picks

For me, sits at the top of the online lottery sites because they have the biggest range of online lotteries. That’s overGet Your Lottery Tickets Online In 2020 50 international lotteries, from Italy to the USA. They are one of the few online lottery sites that offer syndicate play.

PlayHugeLottos biggest positive is that it’s one of the pioneers of online lottery sites being around since 1998. About four years longer than They are offering online lottery tickets to 13 major world lotteries they also offer syndicate tickets. has also been around for many years their conception being about 2005. Like the other online lottery sites, they have many employees that rush out to buy your tickets once you have purchased them online. As a member, you have access to 14 of the worlds top lotteries.

Lotto Agent, although reasonably new to the online lottery market, does seem very promising. At the time of me writing this post, they have an ongoing special where you buy one ticket and get one ticket free.

Michigan Lottery is the official site for all the residents of Michigan. They offer 11 state lotteries, including Mega MillionsPowerball, and Daily 4. Unfortunately, you need to be a resident, so they are the only online lottery site that I have not been able to join. Luckily for me, they asked me to join their fold of affiliates.

Wintrillions gives you access to 20 of the world’s biggest lotteries. They are known to contact members to offer them help to win the lottery.

Jackpot offers member access to 27 of the world’s best lotteries. Like all the rest you can choose your numbers or go for the randomly selected ones. They also offer multiple scratch card games.

The beauty about all these sites is they allow you access to lotteries that generally you do not have access to in your country of residence.

Joining More Than One Online Lottery

There are certain advantages to joining more than one online lottery site. The most important one is that you always have another option should one site go down because of excessive traffic which has happened during significant jackpots.

Another reason is not all sites offer the same lotteries so joining more than one gives you access to more of the world’s lotteries.

Another thing to keep in mind is being a member of more than one online lottery agent exposes you to more specials and promotions. 😎

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Buy A Charity Lottery Get The Health Lottery: only £1 per line

I know there are a lot of people that will be very interested in the latest online lottery that I’ve discovered. This is especially so if they’re looking for a charity lottery. By this I mean a lottery where the money raised goes to helping needy charities. I’m talking about the Health Lottery. Just to give you a better idea of who they are I copied the following from their ‘about’ page.

The Health Lottery is not a national lottery. It is 51 local society lotteries each one representing one or more local authority areas across Great Britain. Each society lottery is licensed by the Gambling Commission and will raise money for health related good causes within their respective areas. Each local society lottery takes turns at participating in the draw so that every area in England, Scotland and Wales gets an appropriate share of the monies raised. Details of when each society lottery is running are shown below followed by a map of each of all of the society lotteries.

Charity LotterySo buy investing in the Health Lottery you have a chance at winning a lot of cash as well as helping those local charities. How cool ois that?  :thumb_up: The best thing is that it’s only going to cost £1 per line and for that paltry some you can be on your way to win the jackpot of up to £100,000.  Just select five numbers from 1 to 50 and check your results to see if you’ve won a prize. You can check the latest results on TV, online, visit a Health Lottery retailer or call The Health Lottery customer helpline.

Drawn on a regular basis, charity lottery offers player promotions, like extra draws or free lines. When participating in the Saturday’s draws, you can often win up to £100,000 plus a holiday or a brand new car.

Another thing you’ll love is the Health Lottery is one of the few lotteries offering the highest winning odds. To increase your chances of winning even further, you may choose to participate in a syndicate. And if you can’t decide on your lucky numbers, choose the Quick Pick option to have your numbers randomly selected.

Along with lottery, they offer fun online games that give players the opportunity to win instantly. Like scratch cards, these £1 games are often given a seasonal twist and offer players winnings of up to £10,000.

Supporting health charities has never been so much fun as 20p in every £1 goes to support local health related good causes. Join the game – it couldn’t be simpler to play The Health Lottery.

You can join the Health Lottery by registering HERE!