People buy lottery tickets and people lose lottery tickets. Sometimes those lottery tickets are winning tickets. Usually people don’t even know they had a winning ticket, unless they use the same numbers every week. Oh how they must rue the day that they lost that  lottery ticket.

I came across an interesting article today of a Canadian woman who had lost a winning ticket. From what I could gather she didn’t even know it was a winning ticket. Over a year later she received a cheque for $5o million becoming the winner of what lottery officials call the biggest unclaimed lottery jackpot in Canadian history.

The fact that Kathryn Jones, that was her name, was even presented with the cheque just goes to show you how lucky she was. Especially when you consider the process involved in ensuring the money went to the rightful owner. Here is a snippet from this article of what was exactly involved.

When Jones wasn’t able to find her ticket, OLG carried out its “Lost Ticket Prize Claim” process to ensure she was the rightful winner. That investigation included interviews with Jones, using the OLG transactions database to verify her purchase, checking surveillance video which showed her buying the ticket and referencing her credit card statements.

Yep, she was very lucky indeed. I don’t know of many agencies that have video surveillance. Not to mention not everyone uses a credit card to purchase their ticket. You can sure see how happy she was to find she actually did have a winning ticket.

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Let’s remember too that this was pretty well a fluke.

Kathryn Jones’s case was “unique” because it was the first time the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation identified and located a winner through its claims investigation process, OLG CEO Rod Phillips told reporters.

This is one of the reason why I buy my lottery ticket online.mega millions lottery ticket
What you see on the right is my latest Mega Millions lottery ticket. I bought the ticket via Wintrillions‘ online subscription method. This ensures that I never miss out on a Mega Millions Lottery draw.

As you can see it’s just not possible for me to lose my lottery ticket. I get notification of the purchase in my email with a scanned copy of the ticket. That’s what you see there over on the right. Anytime I want I can also go online to view all my ticket details.

So, if I was lucky enough to actually win the Mega Millions lottery I’m sure to know about it. There’s no chance in hell that I’m going to miss out collecting the prize after winning the lottery. It’s hard enough to win it in the first place. I know for a certainty that If I bought the ticket anywhere else but online and actually lost the ticket that would be the end of that. I can kiss those millions goodbye.

How lucky are you? Do you think you could lose a winning lottery ticket and be lucky enough to be presented with a check years later.

Speaking of subscriptions I’ve just noticed that is now accepting subscriptions.

A subscription to a lottery will enter you in every consecutive draw of the lottery until you cancel it. When you play your favourite lottery or category with a subscription, you receive a minimum of every 10th lottery ticket FREE,  25 VIP points on the spot, enjoy the ability to change your numbers at any time, and pay as you go! You can pause/reactivate your Subscription by selecting Active/Not Active from the drop down menu in the Status

Not bad huh, an online lottery ticket subscription with a bonus attached. 🙂

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